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Our Approach

We follow a 3-phase methodology - Strategy, Delivery and Operation


    The world of Wi-Fi and mobility continues to move at pace. Developing your 'mobile business' capability can be a surprisingly difficult task.
    We'll consult with you to understand your vision and business goals. We can then and assist with positioning the following
     - Strategic development
     - Partner appraisal
     - Technology Roadmap
     - Budget planning
     - Timescales to deploy
     - Operational readiness


    Our mobility project delivery methodology has evolved over 10 years. We know what it takes to deliver a project successfully, within timescales and budgets.
    Based upon PRINCE2 our process is to Analyse, Design, Implement & Test then Handover your services.


    Very few organisation support Wi-Fi effectively. Several different types of engineer may be needed to diagnose and eventually fix an issue. Tickets can bounce endlessly between desktop, network, cabling and can result in very unhappy users.

    Wi-Fi Pros provide 24/7 operational support for customers who don't have the relevant expertise, tools or field capability. We will integrate with your systems and processes and operate as an extension to your existing support teams. Finally a coordinated team to manage your Wi-Fi issues!

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What is your mobility strategy?

Mobility is more important than ever. What does your strategy look like?

Mobilising Apps

Are your employees connected to their business systems on the move? What can't they do?

Mobile Office

Have you considered reducing your cabling costs? Many businesses like to be agile these days

Mobility Policy

Don't want to pay for mobile hardware and SIM contracts? How will you enable personal devices to do business tasks?

Mobile Security

How are you securing business data? Should you be concerned with things like GDPR and PCI-DSS?


The 'Choose or Bring' Your Own Device topic raises many questions... 
 - Will the business buy the devices and dictate usage?
 - What cost will a CYOD approach have on your business?
 - Will your employees want to carry a second phone?
 - Will employees use their own device?
 - Which operating systems will you need to support?
 - Will the corporate app data be secure?
 - What if the device or network is compromised?
We'll help to guide you through your mobility strategy

Public & Visitor

Every organisation needs to provide quick and easy access for their visitors. Managed services can actually vary quite widely in terms of cost and quality-of-service. You'll need to consider the impact that these services will have on internal transport networks and security.

Modern visitor services can also operate as an interactive portal with your audience. Do you want to develop a web-app that provides the user with a warm welcome and some useful information? This is certainly useful for retail, hospitality and healthcare.

IoT & GoT

The term 'Internet-of-Things' was coined when it became apparent that literally every manageable appliance and sensor will need an IP address and Internet connection... Will your Wi-Fi infrastructure scale to potentially thousands of connected devices? How will you manage security around these services?

GoT is a HBO series where rulers of the Seven Kingdoms vie for the Iron Throne... People will be trying to get this and many other videos over your Wi-Fi in HD, so how is that going to be managed?

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Our Delivery

  • Analysis

    Requirements Capture
    Wi-Fi & RF Quality Audit
    Wi-Fi Services Audit
    Infrastructure & Security Audit
    Gap Analysis

  • Design 

    Wi-Fi Infrastructure & Services
    - Accurate AP estimation, onsite validation -
    - Cloud or on-premise management -
    - Corporate, BYOD, 
    Visitor, Internet of Things -
    Wi-Fi Support
    - Support Systems & Tools -
    - Service Management - 

  • Implementation 

    Remote or onsite
    Managed change control (ITIL)
    Installation & cabling
    Wi-Fi Services Validation 
    Software upgrades
    Lab for preparatory changes
    Test Plan & Report for all changes

  • Handover 

    Support process
    Tier 1, 2 and 3 training
    Intranet self-help
    Wi-Fi Pros customer portal
    Service contracts

Our Customers

We are open to all verticals, but especially love healthcare - where Wi-Fi is mission critical